Name Trip Where we met
Grant and Susan Johnson


They have been all over the world during the last ten years and they have one of the best Overlanders Resources on the web. On the net...
Richard and Rachel Kempster, Paul and Jill Ackland


On the road to New Zealand, the best drinking buddies you can get. Dobaldin, Pakistan
Martin Rooiman


Around the world, soon to be joined by his girlfriend, Jen, on her own bike Agra, India
Benka Pulko


Around the World, Seven continents in 5 years, A woman going solo, following the sun. My hero. Varkala, South India
Daniel Todd

Puerto Rico, USA

Veteran Overlander, on his second world tour. Bangkok, Thailand
Chris and Erin Ratay


New York City couple on an around the world trip, great site! On the net...