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2004-06-14 in London, England
Smashed up

Just a quick story to show you what happens when some one jumps a light in London. « about face »

i can do great donuts now!

2002-02-25 in Alice Springs, Australia
Be Careful What You Wish For

I did end my last story rather wistfully longing for adventure, and guess what? I got it. But was it the adventure that I was looking for? No, it was something far worse… « Get me outta here! »

The stunning sky of the outback alongside the Karma Tourer

2002-02-14 in Adelaide, Australia
The St Valentine’s Day Moussaka

I arrived in Adelaide on Valentine’s Day upon my trusty steed. I spent 4 days getting here from Melbourne. On the way out of town I met another overlander, Andy Miller, he is one of the unlucky ones who found themselves on motorbikes and on the wrong side of Pakistan in September last year. He had to fly his bike from Dubai to India to avoid the war zone. After a quick chat we realised we were both heading to Lorne on the Great Ocean Rd so we rode together and planned to meet my friend, Doug (Of Bali to Flores fame, see previous story). « go west »

Does anybody get this joke? Moussaka??

2002-02-02 in Melbourne, Australia
The Waiting Game

I arrived back in Melbourne on the Christmas Day with the intention of seeing the Boxing Day test at the MCG and meeting cousins at a planned re-union later that day. My initial plan of going to Tasmania was put on the back burner by the fact that my bike was way past the limits of emission regulations with the amount of black smoke coming out of the back. It was time to have the engine looked at. « Family and four wheels »

in pieces again, I mean really!

2001-12-25 in Melbourne, Australia
The Great Ocean Road

The Great Ocean Road is hailed by ozzies as one of their great scenic drives, I must say it is a lovely drive but a bit unfulfilling if you are a thrill seeker. What it lacks in twists and turns (and suicidal truck drivers) it makes up for in great camping spots. « living the simple life »

twisting and turning on the Great Ocean Rd

2001-12-10 in Sydney, Australia
Arriving in OZ-tralia and getting out of the Big Smoke

It finally happened, I made it to Australia in one piece and so did my bike. It took a total of 5 and a half hours to get the bike out of the airport, but I passed quarantine inspection and was happy enough to be back on the bike within a day of touching down. « the happy camper »

taking a peek at the coast of Sydney (no cheesy opera house pictures on this site!)

2001-11-25 in Flores, Indonesia
Diving and Dragons, all in a days work

Back to where I began this tour of Flores, in this shoddy port town of Labuan Bajo. Finding we had two days to kill we leapt at the chance to mix a bit of diving and komodo dragon watching into an action packed Sunday. « better than football »

a dragon strutting his stuff

2001-11-24 in Flores, Indonesia
Tyre trouble for the tourist traveller

Having reached my most easternmost point in my Indonesian travels at Kelimutu we turned around and started heading back. The first stop was in a mountain-top village called Bajawa, famous for its surrounding tribal villages, volcano and hot springs. « doing the tourist thing »

the charming view of the tribal village of Bena

2001-11-22 in Flores, Indonesia
Volcanoes, mountains and the smell of adventure

Flores is beautiful, these are the first words I should write. The landscape is rugged, volcanic, green, lush, and a dream to ride through. It was photos I saw of this island that convinced me to come to Indonesia, thanks to Rudy, my Austrian overlanding musician friend. « thank you Rudy »

shivering and appreciating the view

2001-11-12 in Sumbawa, Indonesia
Bali, Lombok and Sumbawa in 3 days!

It happened so quickly, one day we were having a chat with Bruno (my new best mate in Bali, and our host), just talking about going to Flores seeing the three Kelimutu craters and talking about time frames. Doug was there too, we were all adding our thoughts when Bruno suddenly announces:”To hell with it, tomorrow we leave at 5 am and I take a holiday!” He also very kindly offered Doug the use of his R80 Basic for the trip as he was taking his R80GS. Suddenly we are a gang, and boy do we feel cool « the meaning of rock and roll »

left to right, Doug, Yani, Bruno and me