I started this trip having no idea about which route to take. I wanted to follow the good weather and turned to Grant Johnson of www.HorizonsUnlimited.com. Having chosen this route we accepted the fact that our sight seeing would have to be minimised in order to make the Turkey-Iran border crossing before the snow set in. I plan to do Europe properly on the London to Cape Town leg of the Journey. the Proposed route is as follows:


Leg 1

England (getting out of!); France; Germany; Switzerland; Italy; Greece;Turkey; Iran; Pakistan; India; Nepal; Thailand; Laos; Vietnam; Cambodia; Thailand; Malaysia; Singapore; Malaysia; Indonesia; Australia; New Zealand (Fly the myself and the bike to Chile)

Leg 2 - The Americas The planning of this is very shaky but here is what I know. Countries hoping to visit:

Chile; Peru; Brazil; Argentina; Uruguay; Colombia; Venezuela (fly from Caracas to Panama); Mexico, USA (LA to NY via the South; Canada (maybe Alaska)

Leg 3 - Europe/Middle East Starting this section in London I hope to spend more time in Eastern Europe before making my way into Africa

Countries definitely to be visited: England; Spain; France; Belgium; Luxembourg; Germany; Denmark; Norway; Finland; Sweden; Czech Republic; Hungary; Poland; Yugoslavia; Bulgaria; Macedonia; Greece; Turkey; Syria, Jordan, Israel, Egypt (then how do I get to Morocco?)

Leg 4 - Africa It looks like the best way is from the west crossing Central Africa and going south via Kenya

Morocco; Mauritania; Mali; (a bit shaky from here!) Niger?; Nigeria; C.A.R., Uganda, Kenya; Mozambique, Zimbabwe; South Africa!! (the end!)